254.8 Post Corona Update

Doing pretty good, got an unexpected comment from Personal Trainer Chris. I was talking about how after the hike up Mount Cabot I was feeling pretty good, he replied “Ya dude your fit now”. I was actually feeling pretty rough physically.

4 of July weekend I went a little crazy and then I had a bit of a fight with my fiancé Liz and wasn’t sleeping so it was a nice time to get a compliment.

22 of 48

It was a good hike, long and it was quite humid but it was worth the trip. I will do a full post on that. I just wanted to get back into the habit of posting.

Back!! At 257

Back at it, went to personal training tonight. Eating has been good this week. Really going to make another push and hope we can get below 250 in the next two weeks. Going to just do one workout a day and try to really keep the diet in check.

Pushed a sled at the end

It was good, this weekend is going to be a heavy workout sort of weekend. Going to help my buddy Jay move tomorrow. Lots and lots of stairs, I am going to go hiking on Sunday, and then sit on my ass in the card room Sunday afternoon/evening.

Been playing a bit of poker here and there. The poker room near me has had a promotion for the best hand every 30 mins you get somewhere between $600 and $1500 dollars. The games have been good so I have been playing. Played a few bad sessions, had some bad luck, I am about $140 up after a bunch of hours. I think live poker has been somewhat new to me so it has taken a bit of an adjustment. I am hoping to make a little side money for the wedding and whatever expenses. Goal is to get to 2/5 so I can make a decent hourly wage. I don’t really drink and if Liz isn’t feeling like doing anything on a Friday or a Saturday I will pop over to play.

Also thinking about dabbling in PLO but I have to build up a bankroll first, hitting a few of those high hands would really be beneficial. I will post updates as I go along.

201 days to go

Finally back on track, spent Valentine’s Day throwing axes.

Urban axes in Somerville

So that was a lot of fun, I had a bunch of drinks. Liz and I also went to a party last night, it was fun and we were decent but then we went to Wendy’s after so that wasn’t good. Not expecting good things on this weigh in but I am going to work off my ass in the mean time. I found the heart rate monitor! It was in the bottom of my car.

Really pushed the heart rate!

Did some heart rate training, sprinted 8 mph on the treadmill for 90 seconds to get those peaks and I need to push a little bit harder I think. The first set I tried to do on the stair climber, that was a bit of a mistake as my legs were getting tired quicker. I think I am going to add a little bit of incline the next time. My legs don’t go too much faster, I have no idea but we are going to start small, I think I have it coming up in a few days.

Liz and I spent the day gathering camping supplies so we will be all set when we get to go camping everything will be packed up and it won’t take forever. Pretty excited Liz is wiling to go try some more camping, I am debating on renting a camp spot for a few days in Lafayette, we have a few mountains around there to climb. Pretty excited no matter where we go.

Feeling good

Went to kickboxing and was feeling strong, went to personal training, kickboxing and did two days of riding on the bike.

80 burpees!

This afternoon I did the fat Amy WOD, it took me about 25 minutes, I forgot to start the timer but added what I think I did. I am going to redo it next week and properly time it.

Prepped chicken and asparagus

Prepped some chicken for the week and cut it up into pieces, it is easier to weigh if it is cut into little chunks. The roast garlic seasoning again. I am going to be headed to Seattle on Monday but Liz will be all set.

Not going to weigh in until next Friday because I will be traveling, the airplane throws off the weight but it will be good to check in. 209 days until the wedding!


So I did weigh in on Wednesday and it was 260.4, I was so ashamed I was going to just not post anything until next Wednesday. I want to make sure I change my behavior and so I am back above 260! I have got the diet back in shape. Today we are 1850 calories, I rode for an hour on the bike. I don’t trust that I actually burned that many calories but I bet I burned 500 or so, at least that is what I put in my food log.

Beyond meat burger wrap

Made a beyond meat burger, they were on sale at the super market. Lettuce tomato mustard and ketchup. Frozen mashed cauliflower and green beans, the whole thing comes in at 571 calories. I was impressed with how good it tasted, I will definitely have them in the future if the price comes down. $9/lb or something like that isn’t going to fly.

Going to go to the gym with Nick P possibly and hiking this weekend. Either way I am going to really try to go to work. Also heading to Seattle going to make sure I spend a lot of time in the gym.

I lost my heart rate monitor, going to buy another one of have Liz let me borrow hers. Not sure where it could be other than it gone thrown out. We shall see but I need to get the data, I miss it, it really does motivate me.

Back in the saddle

Always the good old bike

Back in the saddle a bit, did an hour of biking. It was good to get back to it but I noticed that my heart rate didn’t touch 130 I don’t think, I doubt how many calories I actually burned. It is a good thing, I am getting much fitter so I can’t my heart rate up as easily. Back in the day I would routinely hit 150 doing a lower resistance level. I thought about getting a treadmill while I was pedaling.

Eating has been a disaster, back to logging the food, the Super Bowl was yesterday and I woke up this morning feeling so gross. I ate so poorly, I actually skipped breakfast which is unheard of for me. I am going to be good from here on out and make sure I take breaks and don’t try to do too much too fast. Weigh in on Wednesday will not be pretty but we will take our lumps and move on. Good luck!

Fell off the wagon a bit

Fell off the wagon a bit and haven’t been to the gym in a few days. I kind of freaked myself out a little bit. I can’t recall ever feeling like I did at the gym that afternoon. I think the combination of things have lead to this but I am going to go for a hike tomorrow and take Sunday off or light duty but meal prep, and hit it hard come Monday.

I am cooking for the Super Bowl but am bringing all of the leftovers to work on Monday. Going to make ribs brisket macaroni and cheese and jambalaya with the home made kielbasa. Going to try a new method with the ribs, going to rub them with yellow mustard first. It is suppose to help the rub stick. Seemed kind of suspect to me but I am going to give it a try. Maple sugar rub with a little bit of cayenne.

Montréal steak seasoning on the brisket, it comes out somewhere between Montréal smoked meat/pastrami but I think it is delicious. I also have a prime brisket which I am pretty excited about. I will make sure to post some pics of how it came out.

I did buy a massage ball and basically a massage rolling pin. They were good buys because I used the ball on my butt and hamstrings, it was glorious! Totally took care of the knots and I instantly felt much better, it isn’t as girl as the roller I have which really lets me put all my weight on it. But roll your muscles! It is important!

Left the gym early

I went to the gym and was on the arc trainer, all of a sudden I felt light headed a little dizzy and just couldn’t do it. I tried to power through for a few minutes but just couldn’t. So I left the gym after only completed 30 mins. I am not sure how I feel about this at the moment, I am coming off a disappointing weigh in, but after the gym my hands were shaking pretty good. I drank some water and ate a package of noodles and felt better.

I think I have been pushing it a little hard as of late, maybe I need to stick to 6 hours of exercise a week and really focus on making sure the diet is perfect.

Liz and I have pre-marriage counseling tomorrow night. I think I am going to not do any exercise until Friday after work and focus on making sure the diet is perfect, I will do some hiking to balance out the Super Bowl eating. Going to fire up the BBQ! It has been a while since I did, debating on what to make, thinking ribs and brisket, but I need to work on my pork butt dip (thin sauce mixed into the meat before service) whatever I make though I am bringing into work the next day.

257 whomp whomp

So I came to the realization that the 254.8 number was a bit of an outlier. Today’s weigh-in showed 257 which is a solid number still, but is really tough to see when you put in a lot of effort only to gain 2.2 lbs.

As I have admitted I was not as good this week as the previous week. I went out to an Indian buffet with a friend and then Sunday night I ate Thai food with a wreck less abandon.

I have also creeped up the food a little bit. I ate three apples yesterday and I have bot been measuring out vegetables at dinner. I also made jambalaya and ate most of it myself. I think that was the real downfall. Of course I made two batches and it didn’t last more than two days.

Super Bowl is Sunday and I am torn about if I should make food or not and if I do make food what should I have? Make healthy food or just say f it and make some BBQ. I think I am going to go the BBQ route and make sure I bring in all the leftovers to work on Monday. Looks like it is going to be a fight to get below 250 as I knew it would be but for one week I had hope the struggle wouldn’t be as hard as I thought it was going to be. Stay strong!

Got in a good hike

Burned a lot of calories
Work hard eat a little more

So I did a decent amount of hiking, got 9 miles in wanted to complete the skyline trail but got a little turned around toward the end and just wanted to be done. Took 3.5 hours, I think I could do the whole thing on an ice free day in three hours. We will see the next time it clears up. I think it is good practice for hiking the White Mountains.

You can see the backtracking towards the end of the loop

Made a batch of jambalaya for dinner on Saturday, not the best as it is high in calories but it was delicious and it isn’t too bad. Definitely made sure to put the extra away before I ate too much of it!

Going for another hike with a friend tomorrow morning, I will wear the monitor and see if I burn enough calories, I might also just take it easy. I have been doing a lot of work. This week is the last week I have before trainings begin, going to really lock in the diet. Tomorrow, I am going to meal prep a bunch of chicken and black beans for dinners this week.