Went to Kickboxing

I went to kickboxing this morning and burned 767 calories. Kickboxing it definitely shows on the heart rate monitor if you are working hard. I have had sessions where I burned 800+ and sessions where I burned 550, quite a difference!

Got a little in the yellow!!!

Ate the oatmeal Liz and I have been tweaking the recipe. So we have come to 1/2 cup of oatmeal, a tablespoon of chia seeds, and apple that I skin and dice and cook for 3-4 minutes in the microwave with some cinnamon dusted on top and a cup of milk in the microwave. Overnight it softens a bit and you can eat it but the key is you have to microwave it until it boils that releases all of the starch that makes it creamy.

Going to make the next salad today or tomorrow so that I am ready to go for the new year!

Hiking and Breakfast/Lunch

Went on a 6 mile walk, pretty funny how a while ago this would have been a serious workout for me. Now it was just a walk! The amazing thing is how many calories you burn on a low steady burn. See below 2 hours I burned 800 calories and barely broke a sweat vs 800 calories in an hour I wanted to die, sweating in what my kickboxing instructor calls effort puddles.

Salad kit but cooked it!

I forgot to take a picture of breakfast but I had oatmeal with apples cut up and cinnamon. 3/4 of a cup of skim milk I found was perfect, going to add a tablespoon of chia seeds to tomorrow’s batch.

Trying to find new ways to keep things fresh, I was in Costco buying out weekly package of chicken tenderloins to eat. It just so happens one package of chicken fills one sheet pan and fills my grill one time and it lasts us about one week! I love it when all things like that line up!

Anyway the above package has broccoli, kale, green cabbage and Brussel sprouts all shredded up. I tossed them in a pan with a spray of oil and sautés it for about 10 minutes and threw in the grilled chicken. Put part of it in a wrap with a tablespoon of feta and it was pretty good. Ate what didn’t fit in the burrito on the side and it was delicious. I also bought an Asian Napa cabbage based one I am going to try for dinner with some of the kielbasa I made for dinner. Signed up for kickboxing tomorrow. Going to make it for real, Ben is doing the class he is one of my favorite trainers. I also want to get in a 5k run at some point very soon.

Bailed on Kickboxing

Bailed out on kickboxing this morning, my hamstrings are super tight. I registered for tomorrow morning’s kickboxing class at 9am going to go for a hike at 9:30 in the Lynn Woods if that isn’t enough I am going to head to planet fitness after and finish off the calories burned. I might also start the strong lift program but probably won’t because the gym will be packed. I will see if I can find a squat rack I mean three exercises! Going to go really light also to start.