The Plan for Finishing the 48

The plan for finishing the 48

Doesn’t look too bad but I figured it out and it will be over 75 miles with 27,035 feet of elevation gained over the course of it. I think it is going to be a fun unique challenge, I am starting a new job October 1st and it would be great if I could get this goal checked off before Winter sets in. Ideally I would have liked to end with the Presidential mountains and I still might but I wanted to give them the most time in case of inclement weather this gives me other hikes to do while I hopefully wait out the bad weather on the higher peaks. I also did not want to do them on the weekend, just too many people on the popular peaks for my taste. 

I have created a list in AllTrails of the remaining hikes I have left Remaining 4000 Footers I can’t wait to get started on this process, I have my backpack all packed. I have been doing spreadsheets, Spreadsheet of Gear I know how much everything weights down to the hundredth of an ounce. 

The practice of going through all of this has been pretty beneficial, I found some areas where I needed to add some things. I added Tylenol, Tweezers, Hand Sanitizer, Ear Plugs, Emergency blanket. They are all small amounts of gear but it adds up. The main area I lost weight was with my water system, the hydration bladder plus the two bladders I was using with the platypus gravity system is a full pound heavier than 2-1.5 liter Smart Water bottles with a Sawyer Squeeze. I had issues with the Sawyer leaking and I had the gravity system so I just used that. After giving it a thought for the 1 lb I also thought I could carry less water knowing it wouldn’t be too hard to just scoop up a bottle full at a river crossing versus breaking out the two hydrobags and fulling another bag. It is all Filter right before you drink!

kind of a pain. With this you fill the bottle with dirty water and then just filter it as you drink. Super fast super simple, and it will be stored on the outside of the back for easy use.

I will post more as I start hiking, first up one of those scariest peaks in the White Mountains, the Trip Slide!

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