Peaks 31 and 32 Done! Mount Flume and Liberty Loop

Flume Liberty Loop with a little extra

Did the Flume Liberty Loop on the 12th of September, it was a long hike, with one of the steepest sections I have ever hiked up. The slide is no joke! As you can see we had a little extra due to a funny story I will mention a little later, but the splits show just how steep the section is!

1,342 ft in a mile!

As you can see mile 5 was a brutal hike, 1,342 feet in a single mile, it was basically straight up, it is hard to see in the below picture but I assure you this is steep!

There was about 1.2 miles of this, crawling over bald rock faces, I put my trekking poles away because I needed my hands to haul my butt up the face. It was rough but fun, just please for the love of god don’t go down this direction! We saw a few people coming down but most went other directions. I can’t imagine going down this way. Also if it is wet do not attempt this trail (unless you know what you are doing).

Coming up to Mount Flume, I forgot that the Saturday after 9/11 volunteers bring flags up the 48 4000 footers all over New Hampshire. 

Flume and Liberty with the flag flying on top!

Top of Flume with Trish and the flag.

We walked over to Liberty and had a beautiful view of Franconia notch.

A little panorama immediately coming off of Liberty. 

Looking back at Liberty from the Franconia Ridge Trail, it was a great as you can see if you look at the map we took a little side trail with a funny story. There was a guy standing leaning against the sign, and from the smell of things he had recently passed gas and it smelled horrible, so we said Hi and quickly walked passed him. Low and behold that was our turn, so we added 1.5-2 miles to our hike but it was mostly flat. Actually it turning up hill was how I realized we were on the wrong trail. The trail toward the end felt like it was going to go on forever. Luckily it did not and it end, I ended up getting home around 8:30 pm. One thing I found interesting is the amount of people that were out in the woods without any idea where they were going. They went out in the woods without a map or a phone or any sort of information. I must have been asked the direction to the parking lot half a dozen times. It was really pretty shocking, always have your phone and a paper map with you. Please try to learn how to use the paper map while you have your phone so you can learn how to do it in case your phone dies at one point. Just keep in mind you move slower than you think you do.

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