First Backpacking Trip Since Long Trail

A few days ago I got back from my first backpacking trip since I tried to hike the Long Trail. I had a great time, it was actually a lot of fun, I checked off five 4000 footers. There was a little bit of a change in plans that resulted in me not getting the 7 peaks that I was hoping. I heard that the rivers were running high so I took a alternate route over Mount Hale, which I climbed a few weeks ago. So I went over the top of Hale and then found out that I didn’t really have to. It put me behind and I had to skip Galehead Mountain and Zealand, but that was it for bad news! Glad we got that out of the way.

Day 1 of 2
Day 1 of 2

Actually I do have one additional piece of bad news, I forgot my battery pack and I didn’t record day 2 because I wanted to keep the power for taking pictures and video.

Crossing the Little River on the North Twin Trail, took the boots off and put them around my shoulders so that I could keep them dry. I wore my flip flops to cross and then put them on the outside of my backpack to dry.

The thing I love about the ridge walks is you can see the paths so easily and I had beautiful weather for such a hike!

This was the view right before the summit, amazing weather/view.

North Twin Summit

The summit of North Twin!

South Twin Summit

South Twin Summit


Mount Guyot Summit

So because I did the extra trip up Hale, I had to cut out Galehead and Zealand, I am going to do a separate backpacking trip to get these out of the way. The weather was beautiful but it was a little warm. I was pretty proud of making the right decision, I was completely worn out when I got to the campsite I knew anything additional would have been a mistake.

Hammock made finding a spot at the Guyot Campsite a lot easier, if I showed up with a tent I would have been sent to the overflow. I highly recommend hammock camping for the Whites, according to the rules you have to camp below the tree line anyway. 

As for food I did cold soaked cous cous with some packets of tuna fish, I decided to do cold soaking when I was on the long trail after a hard day of hiking I really didn’t want to worry about cooking. Cold Soaking was great, I added water to the cous cous and taco seasoning. By the time I got my hammock setup the cous cous was ready and I could just eat and go to bed. For breakfast I had carnation instant breakfast with a packet of instant coffee. They call it hiker cafe mocha, it was really really good!

For lunch I had Justin’s Nutella and Peanut butter packets which was also good. I am going to experiment more with cold soaking recipes. I think I can come up with an instant rice burrito, instant rice with taco seasoning and a packet of buffalo chicken, something like that.  

The beauty about hammocks too was able to get everything packed up in a short amount of time. I was able to get to the top of West Bond pretty early in the morning.

West Bond

I met a nice guy from CT and we were chatting as we headed down the mountain to the West Bond Mountain

This is the view of the Bond Cliffs from West Bond. This was the best part of the hike, I think this is currently my favorite ridge in the White Mountains!

Bond Cliffs in the Background

You can see the Bond Cliffs in the background!


Quite the drop if you go off the trail! After that it was pretty steady slog down the mountain. The real bummer all was my phone was basically dead so I couldn’t see how far I was into the trail, the last part was 4 miles that was a former rail road track. So flat and boring which was kind of nice. I thought the below bridge was the end.

I thought this was the bridge at the end

I thought this was the bridge that marked the end of my hike and I was so excited. After I passed over the bridge I noticed I didn’t see any signs of civilization, after about 20 minutes I realized that I wasn’t done, I asked a hiker heading the opposite direction and he said it was still at least 1.5 miles left. It was a little deflating but I kept trudging on!

The actual end of the trail

This was the actual end of the trail! It was amazing. All in all I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again. I did get some blisters on the inside of my big toe and a one on the ball of my other foot.  

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