Overnight Backpacking, taking down 7 peaks in two days!

This weekends backpacking trip

This weekend I am doing my first backpacking trip since I did the Long trail almost two years ago. I am really excited, I am going stove-less with oatmeal for breakfast, with a protein shake with instant coffee mixed in. I think for lunch I am going to stick with bars and jerky, I might grab some tortillas, I bought some individually wrapped Justin’s peanut butter packets. For dinner I am going to make Taco Cous Cous with some chicken packets. I am only going to do one dinner because I think I will be off the trail before dinner two! Or at least I better be šŸ™‚ All of these can be made just by cold soaking, I have an empty peanut butter jar that I am going to use for cold soaking. Basically just mix all of this stuff with water, and you can start cold soaking when you are at a water source in the morning. I don’t think I would use cold soaking if it was going to get at all cool, the forecast for the weekend though is very hot and I have found that I just don’t want anything warm, and I can save a few LB’s in fuel and stove, no pot, no pot holder ect. 

I am pretty excited, I think this is going to be a tough weekend I am interested to see how I do getting up to the top, as you can see it is pretty steep up but the good news is that once you are up there you don’t really have to come down too far. I am staying at the Guyot campsite, or in the area as I suspect it will be mobbed.

I am going to park my car at the end of the trail and then use a service to drive me to the start of the trail. This is probably obvious to people that hike a bunch but I always assumed you would have someone pick you up at the end but this is obviously wrong for so many reasons. You stink, you don’t know when you end, and it is going to be so sweet to just be able to get in the car and go. 

I looked in various facebook hiking groups and the best lady for the white mountains is  Trailhead Rides/Shuttle Hike Northern New Hampshire check out her website, I will post a review as soon as I get back but I have full confidence it will turn out well.

I am going to have a lot of fun and it is going to burn a lot of calories, and enjoy the time to quiet the thoughts and spend some time in nature. I think all around it will be a good thing

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