Back!! At 257

Back at it, went to personal training tonight. Eating has been good this week. Really going to make another push and hope we can get below 250 in the next two weeks. Going to just do one workout a day and try to really keep the diet in check.

Pushed a sled at the end

It was good, this weekend is going to be a heavy workout sort of weekend. Going to help my buddy Jay move tomorrow. Lots and lots of stairs, I am going to go hiking on Sunday, and then sit on my ass in the card room Sunday afternoon/evening.

Been playing a bit of poker here and there. The poker room near me has had a promotion for the best hand every 30 mins you get somewhere between $600 and $1500 dollars. The games have been good so I have been playing. Played a few bad sessions, had some bad luck, I am about $140 up after a bunch of hours. I think live poker has been somewhat new to me so it has taken a bit of an adjustment. I am hoping to make a little side money for the wedding and whatever expenses. Goal is to get to 2/5 so I can make a decent hourly wage. I don’t really drink and if Liz isn’t feeling like doing anything on a Friday or a Saturday I will pop over to play.

Also thinking about dabbling in PLO but I have to build up a bankroll first, hitting a few of those high hands would really be beneficial. I will post updates as I go along.

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