201 days to go

Finally back on track, spent Valentine’s Day throwing axes.

Urban axes in Somerville

So that was a lot of fun, I had a bunch of drinks. Liz and I also went to a party last night, it was fun and we were decent but then we went to Wendy’s after so that wasn’t good. Not expecting good things on this weigh in but I am going to work off my ass in the mean time. I found the heart rate monitor! It was in the bottom of my car.

Really pushed the heart rate!

Did some heart rate training, sprinted 8 mph on the treadmill for 90 seconds to get those peaks and I need to push a little bit harder I think. The first set I tried to do on the stair climber, that was a bit of a mistake as my legs were getting tired quicker. I think I am going to add a little bit of incline the next time. My legs don’t go too much faster, I have no idea but we are going to start small, I think I have it coming up in a few days.

Liz and I spent the day gathering camping supplies so we will be all set when we get to go camping everything will be packed up and it won’t take forever. Pretty excited Liz is wiling to go try some more camping, I am debating on renting a camp spot for a few days in Lafayette, we have a few mountains around there to climb. Pretty excited no matter where we go.

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