So I did weigh in on Wednesday and it was 260.4, I was so ashamed I was going to just not post anything until next Wednesday. I want to make sure I change my behavior and so I am back above 260! I have got the diet back in shape. Today we are 1850 calories, I rode for an hour on the bike. I don’t trust that I actually burned that many calories but I bet I burned 500 or so, at least that is what I put in my food log.

Beyond meat burger wrap

Made a beyond meat burger, they were on sale at the super market. Lettuce tomato mustard and ketchup. Frozen mashed cauliflower and green beans, the whole thing comes in at 571 calories. I was impressed with how good it tasted, I will definitely have them in the future if the price comes down. $9/lb or something like that isn’t going to fly.

Going to go to the gym with Nick P possibly and hiking this weekend. Either way I am going to really try to go to work. Also heading to Seattle going to make sure I spend a lot of time in the gym.

I lost my heart rate monitor, going to buy another one of have Liz let me borrow hers. Not sure where it could be other than it gone thrown out. We shall see but I need to get the data, I miss it, it really does motivate me.

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