Fell off the wagon a bit

Fell off the wagon a bit and haven’t been to the gym in a few days. I kind of freaked myself out a little bit. I can’t recall ever feeling like I did at the gym that afternoon. I think the combination of things have lead to this but I am going to go for a hike tomorrow and take Sunday off or light duty but meal prep, and hit it hard come Monday.

I am cooking for the Super Bowl but am bringing all of the leftovers to work on Monday. Going to make ribs brisket macaroni and cheese and jambalaya with the home made kielbasa. Going to try a new method with the ribs, going to rub them with yellow mustard first. It is suppose to help the rub stick. Seemed kind of suspect to me but I am going to give it a try. Maple sugar rub with a little bit of cayenne.

Montréal steak seasoning on the brisket, it comes out somewhere between Montréal smoked meat/pastrami but I think it is delicious. I also have a prime brisket which I am pretty excited about. I will make sure to post some pics of how it came out.

I did buy a massage ball and basically a massage rolling pin. They were good buys because I used the ball on my butt and hamstrings, it was glorious! Totally took care of the knots and I instantly felt much better, it isn’t as girl as the roller I have which really lets me put all my weight on it. But roll your muscles! It is important!

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