Left the gym early

I went to the gym and was on the arc trainer, all of a sudden I felt light headed a little dizzy and just couldn’t do it. I tried to power through for a few minutes but just couldn’t. So I left the gym after only completed 30 mins. I am not sure how I feel about this at the moment, I am coming off a disappointing weigh in, but after the gym my hands were shaking pretty good. I drank some water and ate a package of noodles and felt better.

I think I have been pushing it a little hard as of late, maybe I need to stick to 6 hours of exercise a week and really focus on making sure the diet is perfect.

Liz and I have pre-marriage counseling tomorrow night. I think I am going to not do any exercise until Friday after work and focus on making sure the diet is perfect, I will do some hiking to balance out the Super Bowl eating. Going to fire up the BBQ! It has been a while since I did, debating on what to make, thinking ribs and brisket, but I need to work on my pork butt dip (thin sauce mixed into the meat before service) whatever I make though I am bringing into work the next day.

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