Got in a good hike

Burned a lot of calories
Work hard eat a little more

So I did a decent amount of hiking, got 9 miles in wanted to complete the skyline trail but got a little turned around toward the end and just wanted to be done. Took 3.5 hours, I think I could do the whole thing on an ice free day in three hours. We will see the next time it clears up. I think it is good practice for hiking the White Mountains.

You can see the backtracking towards the end of the loop

Made a batch of jambalaya for dinner on Saturday, not the best as it is high in calories but it was delicious and it isn’t too bad. Definitely made sure to put the extra away before I ate too much of it!

Going for another hike with a friend tomorrow morning, I will wear the monitor and see if I burn enough calories, I might also just take it easy. I have been doing a lot of work. This week is the last week I have before trainings begin, going to really lock in the diet. Tomorrow, I am going to meal prep a bunch of chicken and black beans for dinners this week.

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