Taken a two day break

My mom came to visit and we went out to lunch, I didn’t eat very well. We rallied for dinner and eat a cabbage stir fry with shrimp. Today I probably over ate a little bit at dinner. We had a quinoa lemon basil salad and roast garlic chicken. It was pretty good, I love cooking the roast garlic chicken because it goes with so many things.

Tomorrow we are going to hit it hard, I am going to go to hit the bike or planet fitness and kickboxing at 6pm. I think I should burn about 1400 calories.

Liz got a sleeping bag from my mom for Christmas and we received a bunch of little things as gifts that I can’t wait to try out. The only piece I think we really need is a canopy for shade/ rain cover. After that our car camping setup will be complete. Going to go look at places where we can camp!

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