Did a lot of working out yesterday

Ate a lot but moved a lot

I ate a lot of food but did a lot of work. It was a nice day just doing chores around the house. Our house looks good and I am setup for the week.

I am debating on if i should take a break from kickboxing for a few days. My shoulders and tail bone is feeling a little stiff. I did an exercise that was doing a sit-up and then standing up from there and then rolling back down to start over. Pretty sure I didn’t land those as smooth as I could have.

Last night I rode the bike for 90 minutes and burned 1037 calories! I use to think if I wanted more calories I went to planet fitness, but instead of spending the time in the car I could just spend it on the bike at home and burn more calories.

Mom is coming to visit tonight, I was thinking about going out for lunch and then we are going to see the new Star Wars movie, I can’t wait to see it. Enough rambling, personal training is this week, kickboxing other nights and the bike. Hoping I can get under 257.5! 🤞

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