I was good last night although Friday I took the day off. No kickboxing no anything! It felt good, I think I could use it my shoulders were feeling a little stiff. I did 3 days of kickboxing and one day with Chris this week. Went on a 8.28 mile hike, burned 1789 calories!

Nice burn! Not too hard but steady
Not the classic route but we got lost

I really didn’t want to risk walking a lot more just to make sure we finish the skyline, so we just took the same track back, not sure what happened for the last section there, it recorded the heart rate.

Liz and I went out for ramen last night, it was delicious! I went with the plain ramen with chicken broth. No fried chicken no appetizer, so as good as we could be.

I weighted in after the hike and the scale said 260.6 so not too much to go! Well I suppose there is that other 60lbs. Going to a party tonight, there is going to be a bunch of food, but I am not going to drink. I don’t think we will be there for a long time.

I think I am going to not eat dinner and have a protein shake before leaving. Burning so many calories today I do have a little cushion but I want to get below 260 as soon as possible.

Tomorrow for football I am going to make Korean fried tofu balls, but they are going to be baked. Have that with some brown rice. 🤞It will be good, John left a bunch of Korean ingredients so I have to use them up!

Saw this on Instagram and it looked so good figured why not, kind of like chicken wings but without so many calories.

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