Weigh in tomorrow!!

Went to kickboxing and I was very good with food today! I am starting to see the results, not on the scale but it is so much easier to do push-ups and sit-ups. I will say I was more hungry today than I have been in the past, I think it was just from the weekend of stuffing myself.

Tomorrow is weigh in Wednesday, I am hoping I will be under 260, I fear my crazy weekend might push it out of reach but I know I have done a lot of work. If I don’t make it will be ok because I know the following week I will hit it.

Going to another party on Saturday night and I am going to really try to keep it under control. I also decided I am not going to drink until after the spartan race with Jess.

Net calories for today is 726. Might have a protein shake which is 160 calories. Fingers crossed I post tomorrow morning a number that says 250 something… 🤞going to work with Chris tomorrow!

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