First week really in the books!

Pretty excited I went to work a few days this weekend was able to keep up with everything. I hurt my knee, had a bit of a tumble at kickboxing.

Bagelsaurus the best bagel

I went to get blood drawn and after we were next to the place that makes the best breakfast sandwich on the planet so I had to stop in. I use to get two bagels, a breakfast sandwich and another bagel with cream cheese. Cut that out and had a black coffee, I didn’t know if I could have the coffee before the blood test.

Went to kickboxing and did a decent job burning 750ish calories. Net calories for today were at 1085. Also did a weigh in after kickboxing and I weight 262.6 so we are down I think 3lbs for the week with New Years in the middle! Can’t complain about that and not even hiking season!

Need to up intensity

Going up to Vermont for the weekend to see Grandma Sobus so I will not be exercising much. I might go for a jog on Saturday if I have enough time. I am hoping a little rest will let me up my intensity when I get back.

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