Kickboxing and new workout coming

Class was packed! Shared a bag but still got a lot of work done! Had oatmeal for breakfast, it was good. Cooking the apples one bowl as a time makes a difference. Little tweaks here and there.

Had 6 ounces of chicken for lunch, and some quinoa salad and some feta cheese on top. It was delicious, and tonight we are going to a New Year’s Eve party. I am hoping to be good but only going to be able to be so good.

My oatmeal while I was cozy on the couch this morning

Weighed myself this morning because I didn’t want to do it after NYE celebrations. I am going to try to take it easy, personal trainer has a new workout routine that he developed for me to get set for the spartan races this year. Debating on trying to do a trifecta which is three spartan races and at least one at 5k one at 10k and a half marathon. That is with various obstacles

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