Happy New Years

So I did good not eating a ton of food at New Years but I failed to realize that would make me get drunk a lot quicker. So I ended up passed out pretty early. Liz took good care of me but I had a wicked hangover. Chris had a workout where I did 10-12 10 second uphill sprints and it was brutal! All of this with the worst hangover I had in years, but the GPS is kind of funny!

I just would walk down the hill and then sprint up the hill. People must have thought I was nuts. I went from a tree and it just happened that after 10 seconds I was two sidewalk squares from the road so I kept trying to get to the road before time ran out.

I am going to email Chris and ask him if that is where my heart rate should be. I have a feeling it should be a tick higher and ideally touch the red after each sprint.

I was very good today, oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwich on a bagel with all the veggies and spicy mustard mmmm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Dinner was a low carb wrap half an avocado with some chicken and the black bean salad. I am fasting for a blood test tomorrow so I did have seconds. Another half an avocado, chicken and more black bean salad. Even with the seconds my net calories (eaten – exercise) is 1000! I only ate 1700 calories!!!!

Kickboxing was good I need to get my heart rate further up at this though. I also fell when running around the gym to warm up, my good knee took a lump. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow, going to the 5:30 class tomorrow. So far so good! Happy New Years!!!!

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