Falling off taking pictures

Liz is working late so I ate without her, cauliflower rice, half an avocado some salsa from the back of the fridge and in some burrito wraps that I posted a picture of previously. Calories came in a little high at 695 calories, total is 1877 for the day but with exercise was a net of 1110. I really want to keep the net under 1600 every day which should have me burning around 1/3rd of a pound a day!

I got some new vegan protein powder from amazon, it was on sale for $15 for 20 servings, figured why not. Might try it tonight, but after posting a 700 calorie dinner I think I will hold off. I got the magic bullet out. Might mix in a banana for an after workout drink.

Going to 9am kickboxing tomorrow and then going to the grocery store to buy stuff to make the black bean salad tomato avocado salad. I want to make sure we are setup for success in the new year. Speaking of that Liz and I are moving the stationary bike into the entry way where the Christmas tree is currently. She wants to move it where there is light and it is warm, where it is currently isn’t heated and in the cold it can be rough to workout out there. We should be all set for the new year!

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