Ran 5k and ate some Kielbasa

Kielbasa, potatoes, onions and sauerkraut!

Made this for the football game, I made kielbasa last week so I had to make some for the game. Found this recipe online, basically the above ingredients with Thyme and Sage Garlic and Black Pepper. Put it on high for a few hours and it came out very good. I was surprised how much the sauerkraut mellowed in flavor. I ate way too much of it but it was for lunch and dinner. There is none left! I had help of course.

Ran 5k continuously!

I ran 5k in slightly less time than the above, I took a minute or two to do some high knees and fence steppers to warm up before turning it off. You can see in the heart rate monitor pic below.

It’s a sweet 5k loop no crossing traffic!

You can see I took it easy for the first few minutes before taking off at a 12 minute mile pace! Wooosh! I am pretty proud of it, a few years ago when I was sick I had to sit down from walking around a shorter version of this loop! The spike at the end is the hill I live on and there is a little hill going over the mystic river bridge. I am not going to do a ton of running but I think it is a decent test of my overall fitness, especially since I am not specifically training for it.

Costco organic chicken tenderloins
Meal prepped chicken tenderloins

The result of one package of chicken tenderloins from Costco is 2.75 lbs is cooked chicken which is 11- 4oz servings. Which sounds like a lot but Liz and I each can eat 4oz for lunch and dinner a lot which means it is only 2.5 days worth! In the past I have figured things out from how much the raw chicken weighed, it loses a lot in the cooking process. It is handier if you put things in individual containers but it generates a lot of dishes.

Mediterranean quinoa salad

Also meal prepped the quinoa salad, has onion, cucumber, tomatoes, I am sure something else I am forgetting but we are ready for the week! Going to make some ribs to bring to a friends New Year’s Eve party. I love to BBQ but I have to BBQ and bring it somewhere.

Bailed on kickboxing this morning, registered for 9am tomorrow, I will make that class, I hate going when there will be a lot of people. Today wasn’t great food wise but it was my best Sunday in a long time for sure!

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