Dinner and planning for nicer weather

Homemade kielbasa and Costco kale cabbage brussel sprout mix

Just cooked the rest of the bag of Costco mix below with 4 oz of some kielbasa I made to give away as Christmas gifts. I mean I can’t give all of it away it took me two days to make! Anyway cooked it with a little spray of oil 10 minutes on medium high. Put some a small amount of mustard over it after I took the picture.

22.5 miles, 5614 ft, 6 peaks

During my hike today I talked to Ashley, looking into doing a 2-3 day backpacking trip. We would hit Galehead, North and South Twins, Mount Guyot where there is a shelter, West Bond, Mount Bond! So in two days we can knock out 6 peaks! The Guyot shelter is 10.8 miles into a 22.5 mile hike, it is perfect!

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