PT was rough but good, so was lunch and dinner

It was a rough workout

Today’s PT was rough, each circuit ended with either pushing the sled or sprints. I flipped tires and did lunges with a 25lb plate over my head. Lots of rows, ended with push-ups and curls. Anyway 800+ calories in an hour… going to kickboxing tomorrow morning and then a hike.

Steam fresh bags are so easy, freezer to microwave!

Steam fresh bags in many ways have been a key to success. There is no excuse not to make veggies when you can put them in the microwave and hit 5 minutes while making something else!

I was good for lunch and dinner I basically had the same thing. Grilled chicken, tomato avocado black bean salad, and cauliflower rice. I put that in a whole wheat tortilla, they are only 50 calories each and have 11 grams of fiber!

These things are amazing!
Two for lunch and two for dinner!

Lunch and dinner was the same thing and it was really good, the cauliflower rice works as a great sub for rice and it almost felt like I was eating a burrito from chipotle. Food came in at 1922 calories and with 829 calories burned from exercise I think I can confidently say I get a check mark for today. Only 252 more days to go. I am going to periodically update the math, maybe this is me being optimistic but I am hoping to get ahead of the weight loss so I can take it a little easier as the summer months approach.

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