It has been a crazy summer

I am getting engaged, we are getting married in the fall of 2021. We are paying for it ourselves so we can make sure we have the wedding we want. We both want to lose be our best before the big day so we are now laser focused on losing weight and saving money.

I am fitter than I have ever been, everyone talks about the benefit of strength training but I have found cardio to be more my speed. Just turning off my brain and running for an hour on an elliptical or my favorite is the arc trainer. In better shape but still 19 lbs heavier than my recent lowest. Working on getting there. Luckily my fiance Liz is also trying to lose weight so we are keeping all the carbs out of the house. I am going to try to keep updating this more frequently and keep a journal of the trials and tribulations.

This morning I weighted 272.2 lbs, I am going to weight myself every week on Wednesday mornings. Going to be working as hard as I can in the gym and keep the food under control. That has always been my biggest problem, when I last got down to 253 I was using appetite suppression drugs and I am determined not to use them again. If I get back to 280 I will go back on them, that is the deal I made with my personal trainer. I think I will be able to lose from here on out, I really want to see 25x on the scale. I know it is going to be a lot of work but together Liz and I are up to the task!

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