Soooo Weak

So I didn’t exercise at all yesterday, I worked a super long day in order to get a presentation done for Tuesday, I didn’t realize that Monday was a holiday, oooops.

I think I need to make sure I workout either first thing when I get home or before I go home. I have zero chance of doing a workout after I have had dinner.

Part of the reason I generally bring two lunches to work is so that I can eat at noon and a little later. That holds me over so I can workout and get home without getting too hungry. If I come home super hungry it is way more likely for me to binge during the evening.

So lesson learned for the 14th time, need to keep the gym clothes in the car, and not come home until I have done my workout.

I think Saturday I am going to go skiing, and Monday I am going to go hiking with my buddy Nick, going to get a good workout in on Sunday!

Spinach and cheddar omelette with three eggs Salad with ranch dressing, it is hard to see but there is celery, grape tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper, mushroomsLow carb breading (pork rinds and Parmesan cheese) with broccoli and cheddar.

I also have to get more efficient at my trips to the grocery store, went and bought everything for Valentine’s Day dinner but I didn’t think about anything after that! Come on, I am smarter than that!

More meal planing, writing a list before going to the grocery store, utilizing some different stores (Trader Joe’s) for what they do best. I can walk to Stop and Shop, Wegmans and Trader Joe’s, there is no reason I shouldn’t be walking to them regularly. I also work near a Costco which I think is going to be my least expensive option for the basics.

Thanks for listening to the rant! Sad that time is going by and I am not making any progress but we will see what the scale brings Wednesday morning!

Keep working, the results will come!

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