Keto breading

So I am currently in day 2 of my keto adventure but during the holidays I did some practicing. I made pork rind/Parmesan breaded chicken tenders and I they were awesome! I think the hardest part was finding pork rinds, I had to go to a gas station to find them.

Breading for Keto Chicken

Three step process, almond flour, egg wash and then into the 50-50 split of Parmesan and crushed pork rinds. I used a Phillips Air Fryer to cook the chicken and man did that work well!

Doesn’t that look good?

It was very very good and tasted just like regular fried chicken, I didn’t add a lot of seasoning. I am going to try to add a little of the coronals 11 secret herbs and spices and see how that tastes.

I both highly recommend the air fryer and the recipe!

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