Keto/Paleo as a reset

So I have official been carb free for at least 24 hours :-D. I think I have realized why this is going to work. For one it really eliminated all the things I enjoy snacking on. In the 24 hours I have been tempted to eat numerous things. I <3 ramen, both the good kind at a restaurant and the not so good kind that comes from a package. I have turned down a few chances to eat ramen. My roommate has a package of individual Reese’s peanut butter cups in the fridge.  

One of my main concerns about Keto is keeping my vegetable intake high, I understand the science of ketosis but I still can’t get over that eating large amounts of meat and no vegetables can be healthy. I do know that if I keep the carbs out and veggies high good things will happen.

I have been keeping things to mostly frozen veggies, cheese, eggs, and meat. It has been pretty good at keeping the hunger pains down. In having sugar I use to have much worse hunger pains. After 36 hours, it took a while to write this, I have felt a lot better. I think that the frozen vegetables are really keeping me full. I have found that keeping my fiber intake high is what matters most to how I feel. I think this sort of diet works best for me, I have always been a savory fan. I do not think is the only diet for anyone. I think that this diet works for me and fits in my lifestyle. 

Breakfast: spinach and cheddar omlette

Lunch: Meat and 24oz of frozen veggies (broccoli and cauliflower)

Dinner: Meat and 24oz of frozen veggies with some cheddar cheese (broccoli and cauliflower)

It makes my life easy because I just have to microwave the frozen veggies and grill some meat and I have a meal. I tend to grill meat in batches and then put it in to go containers and microwave veggies. Presto dinner is served in about 10 minutes. I do hate washing all of the containers but it is still pretty simple.

The key is to find something that works for you! I hope I have found it. I realize this goes against what I have said in the past “DON’T DIET, FIND A FOOD PLAN THAT WORKS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE”. I am doing this for a short period of time to try to break my nasty habit of eating in the evening. This is the best way I have found to do that. Go no sugar during the sugariest time of year. I know I am doing this for a limited amount of time, so I go into this eyes wide open. I am doing this until I get back to 250 lbs. Weigh in tomorrow hopefully it will not be as bad as I fear it is. I will report back. 

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