The goal has been set for the start of 2019

I wanted to start out my first post in the revamped blog to state my next goal. I am going to try to complete the Presidential Traverse both north and south bound in two days and three nights.

Almost 40 miles and 17,000 feet of elevation

It is going to be a pretty brutal challenge, but the good thing about this challenge is it is two nights. I am also going to make sure we have a car at the turn around point so if we want to bail and only do half, an accomplishment in it’s own right, we will not have to hitch hike back.

After speaking with my personal trainer, Chris. we are going to modify the training that I have been doing lately. We have been doing a lot of HIT circuits and instead of doing three strength exercises we are doing two exercise routines with 2 minutes of jogging as the third exercise.

I am really looking forward to trying this new training style. I think it will be good for hiking and I like the thought of combining the cardio and the strength, doing them separately takes up a lot of time.  If anyone out there has any suggestions on different body weight exercises to try I will be happy to do them.

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