Snowshoeing and riding the bike

Did some snowshoeing today, it was biter cold. Didn’t take any pictures because as soon as I take my phone out in this level of cold it turns off. Because the temps were so cold Franny (my friends dog) struggled and we had to cut the snow shoeing short. We only did about 45 minutes so when I got home I hopped on the stationary bike and got 60 minutes on level 10 if the interval program. Got a good sweat in before Jay showed up for football with his girlfriend Rachel and Jeff. Jamie arrived as well and it was nice to have a little group over for football.

I was able to setup the GoFundme page for the fundraiser here —->  Vermont Food Bank Fundraiser I have a lot of updating but I got a basic setup, I am going to add a link to this that will have a map, so people can track me while I am on my journey. Getting pretty excited about this, I wish I was leaving much sooner than I am but it will be here before I know it!

Chris the personal trainer has setup a website of his own to show exercises that I will be able to do from home or in a hotel room which I am pretty excited about. Going to do a exercise routine called “Going the distance” tomorrow we will see how it goes. I am going to go to the planet fitness and cancel my membership tomorrow. I can then use the place there to do my burpees. I am not sure how it will work doing the burpees in my bedroom, I am pretty sure the whole floor will shake. Luckily I have to get the membership cancelled anyway. I am going to make sure that I take a picture of the end gym membership so that I have proof that I have cancelled it. I have heard horror stories and experienced horror stories in the past trying to cancel my membership!

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