Biggest ever…

So….yup… biggest ever!

343. Wtf?!?!?

I have made the decision that this will not stand.

We have planned good meals.

I have charged my fitbit.

I am taking charge.

I have let comfort, stress, exhaustion have its way.

I have ignored and denied it.

Now my knees and feet won’t let me.

In the last 4 years I have gained 118 pounds.

I’m disappointed.

I binge.

I get bored and binge.

I feel happy and binge.

I feel stressed and binge.

I used to fill it with dance which isn’t feasible now.

I used to fill it with friends which isn’t as feasible now but will be soon…. summer.

I will fill it with nature: mountains, woodpeckers, hawks and toads.

I will fill it with love of self.

I will fill it with miles of trails.

I will fill it with games.

I will fill it with beep.

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