336.2 and an epic fail

So I did manage to lose weight while I was in Tokyo!  I ate a plate of the finest tuna ever it was grand.

I did it mostly by doing some tips I have read online. I used a small plate at the buffet and just ate one plate. I limited myself to one glass of wine at dinner and didn’t eat dessert. I did a fair amount of walking. The number one tip I will give to anyone going to Tokyo is get a daily subway pass and access to the free wifi network. Both of these things are only available at the airport. The subway system is many different private companies and if you don’t buy a pass at the airport you have to buy a pass at each stop, and each fate depends on how far you are going so it can be quite confusing. So just get a pass at the airport!!!!

They also offer access to free wifi thought the city free for two weeks! Get it!

So I got home and things were going well didn’t eat too much, and Monday Miss Mambo and I went out, this was not part of the fail. We had an amazing day and we went out for Korean food and ramen for lunch it was a tough day weight loss wise but we had a lot of fun and had a little adventure here in the city. 

Last night however I went to cook the buffalo chicken that I had purchased, I was going to be good and make grilled buffalo chicken on a wheat roll with lettuce tomato celery and a little blue cheese. Well it was Chinese pork that was labeled differently on the label than the store label with the price. So that plan was out the window and I didn’t think the pork would be good in a sandwich and I really wanted buffalo. So we ordered online and it was great. Then I made three ingredient cookies (overripe banana, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies) I also added walnuts and they are really pretty good. I only ate a few of those. 

I am going to get back on track tomorrow, I have to fly to Orlando and then I am going. To go to the hotel gym. 

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