337.6 off to Tokyo

Lost a little bit of weight and have been going to the gym twice last week and once this week. I am going to do the workout from the hotel. I am also going to start going for more walks just to get up and move around more. 

I went to put on my suits and only one of them fit. It was really a bummer and now I am pretty  nervous about spending 32 hours in a coach airplane seat over the next 5 days. Luckily I should be able to eat well, Japan is easier than most places to eat well. I am going to lose weight while on this trip. I am going to go out with Miss Mambo on Monday after a massage. 

I have been cheating a little bit we had Chinese food last night, I was going to make sloppy joes but I was stressing out about the flight and just relinquished. I should have held out, especially since later I went on to try three suits and have them not even close to fitting. I think writing about my experiences has really helped me stay focused and I am very excited to announce Miss Mambo is going to join the blog which I am pretty excited about. 

Any in about 10 minutes we are going to start boarding. Wish me luck on my flight.

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