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The goal has been set!

So the goal has been set, next August Mambo and I are hoping to hike the Long Trail. This is a trail that is the length of Vermont and is around 273 miles. We are currently in pretty poor shape but getting better everyday. I am currently 323lbs and hoping to get down to about 220 for the hike. Which means we have lots and lots of work to do.

In order to accomplish that goal we have hired a personal trainer, we see him every Monday that I am home. It has been very beneficial. He has given me 3 sets of exercises to do when I am at the hotel gyms. I have also spent a lot of time hiking and I have also spent a fair amount of time at on a recumbent bicycle. One of the other things I did for the first time last week was to hike the skyline trail at the Middlesex Fells. It is an amazing place just north of Boston very close to 93. 

I took the day off Friday and went hiking with a coworker. As you can see the red line is 93 so the park is very close to 93. The good thing about this trail is if you look at the bottom of the page it is constantly up and down. It is great exercise and good practice, I only brought my day bag because I don’t have an overnight bag. I did load it down with tons of camera equipment that I almost never use but it adds a lot of weight and I want to make sure I am hiking with a full backpack in my practice because hiking without a full bag and with a full bag are completely different things.

I have been terrible about wearing my Fitbit but I am sure this burns a massive amount of calories and the nature is just stunning. The best part about the Skyline trail is that because it goes up the steepest hills most of the people stick to other trails. You can see amazing animals if you stay quiet and go close to sunset. I saw this owl right before sunset on Tuesday. 

As for food I want to give Mambo a big shout out she is crushing it. We have turned to egg muffins with onions mushrooms and peppers and a spinach and berry smoothie for breakfast. I have an iced coffee, I am working on skipping this but coming into summer I don’t see this happening soon. Grilled chicken salad for lunch, no cheese all vegetables (except for chicken or pork tendloin) and Greek yogurt ranch dressing, then grilled lean meat a green vegetable and a sweet potato for dinner. We have a yogurt and a protein bar for snacks if dinner is running late or after dinner snack because I haven’t been able to give that up. I have joined a weight management program and they gave me appetite suppressants that have really helped. Trying to drink 5 water bottles of water a day or 100oz. This is probably been the biggest change and having Mambo on board has been fantastic. 

So we are back on the right path. Monday morning we have another weigh in. I am going to try to start posting often about our adventures in preparation. We are hoping to go on some overnight backpacking trips this summer and I will keep posting our adventures about all of the hikes around the Boston area hopefully to get others out there and moving!

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316.6 but coming into what should be a healthy vacation

Yeah so yesterday was a terrible disaster, didn’t eat lentil salad, free lunch which was a corned beef sandwich and chocolate cake.  Dinner was a burger at a bar, there were drinks… Like I said it was a disaster.  I did play a good hour of tennis which probably helped.  Today is going to be another bad day.  Tomorrow morning I am heading to Seattle, I think I will be fine there I am going to go to the farmers market and get some food, try to eat light and walk a lot.  I have big plans for visiting Mount Rainier too, hopefully you will get some good pictures.

My mom is coming this afternoon, and we are going to go Kayaking and then out to dinner, I am not sure how long she is staying but I have to start getting packed for this trip and I don’t have any clean clothes.  I should check with Dorthy about using her washer but I think I might just load up everything and take it to the laundry mat so I can do it all at once.  Next post will be from Seattle!  Stay tuned!

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316.6 So this is why you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day

So I have been doing better about logging my food, toward the end of the day I really trail off, working on getting up to speed. has really been a god send, I am trying to use it a little differently, I am trying to plan three days ahead and go shopping twice a week with one cheat day.  I am going to try to keep it do dinner Saturday night and then Brunch on Sunday.  I think the gorging that I have been doing on Sunday has resulted in me feeling really crappy Monday morning which has also has resulted in the weight fluctuations that I have experienced.

I have also not gone to the gym in a long time, Wednesday morning Jacob are going to the gym, this will be the first time we are going solo to the gym, I am hoping that we will be able to make this a habit, I always have enjoyed going to the gym first thing in the morning.  It is very nice to have a win first thing in the day, the only thing I have found with this is it makes me so hungry through the course of the day.

Made more grilled pizzas and I figured out the calories for the pizza and it is 650ish which is for a whole personal sized pizza which seems to be enough for one person.  10 days in a row of logging into myfitnesspal… I will take that as a win!




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Day 6: Almost break even but slightly better

310.8 which is exactly break even from the previous day.  So you might say “Hey dummy that is the same as you weighed yesterday.” and you would be correct that is the same amount that I weighed yesterday, but yesterday I also went to CrossFit!

This was the first time that I did a pick up as heavy a weight as you can thing.  So the exercise was back squats and please see below for the picture of what that is.

back squat


We had 30 minutes to slowly scale up and so the maximum amount of weight we could back squat in 30 minutes, I worked with a partner.  I started out very light and then every 5 reps I added between 10 and 20 lbs.  My final weight was 165lbs which I was pretty proud of for a first time.  I pretty much felt that was the most I can do, I can’t wait in about 6 weeks we are going to do these exercises again and see how far we have progressed.

I also ate some sausage cacciatore with zucchini noodles and it was really really good.   I have a Peapod order coming I have finally moved through all of the food that I had prepackaged from a week ago.  Going to try to go to Cross Fit tomorrow morning at 6am, but it is suppose to be below zero so we shall see.

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Day 5 Brunch Killed Me

310.8, yesterday was a disaster food wise.  My mom came down and took me to brunch (it was my idea) and we went to the Beat Hotel, which isn’t a hotel but it was great!  I had the braised short rib Eggs Benedict.  It was probably one of the most delicious things I have ever had.  I would highly recommend going there, it is right in the middle of Harvard Square.  It was fantastic!

After that I was really good and came home, cleaned a lot, got all my laundry done and mostly put away.  Then my roomie asked me if I wanted to order chinese food and I relented!  I know I know.  I only got Peking Ravioli and Won Ton Soup but those two things basically lead to my dramatic weight gain in the one day.

I am really sore from Saturday’s Crossfit.  I have to go to another Cross Fit class today after that terrible scale result.  I think I am going to go after work or possibly sneak away at noon and go.  We shall see.  Otherwise it is back to eggs for breakfast and cauliflower soup for lunch and some zoodles with sausage and tomato sauce for dinner.  I can’t wait to be under 300lbs!  I WILL DO IT SOON!



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Day 4: Bit of a Stumble

307.8lbs So a bit of a backslide, I went out for sushi last night.  I offer financial advice to my friends for the price of one dinner per year.  We sit down and go over everything and I take all of the investment research I have done and help them make an informed decision.

I also ate some chicken nuggets from BURGER KING!  I know of all the places, I was driving home and they have a deal 10 piece chicken nuggets for $1.49 and I was so hungry.  Anyway it was really bad, but water under the bridge.

I have also found that going to Cross Fit makes me ravenously hungry.  My Roomie and I got him a mattress after doing the Cross Fit.  Boy was that a struggle, my arms were just spent.  The mattress was really light I just had nothing left and with the snow walls it was pretty annoying.  Anyway today my mom is coming to take me out to brunch and I am getting something pretty   bad for me but tonight we are back on good for you food.  Later today or tomorrow I am going to post my game plan food wise for the week.

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Day 3: Weekend One and a return to CrossFit

307.8 so we are getting good progress, I have really focused on not eating too much.  I did go out after work for some buffalo tenders and some beer.  I have been very good about not drinking and this week was very stressful.  Anyway I had a good time and then I came home ate an apple and went to bed!  I really have had an issue not eating something when I get home for the night but I figure if I can keep that to an apple we will be fine.

Returning to CrossFit and I basically am going to have to start over, I am not too sure how long it has been since I have been but it has been a long ass time.  I am a little concerned that I am not going to be able to make it through the warm up but it isn’t going to get any easier, so today is the day.  I don’t know why I get so much anxiety before going to CrossFit.  Most of you probably don’t know me but I get anxiety before going anywhere basically.  If I am going by myself or going to certain things, Disc Golf being one, I don’t get anxious at all.  We all have our crosses to bear and mine is quite light.

I tell you all of that to tell you that anything that is worth doing is worth starting right now.  I have heard so many people talk about how they are going to start a diet on Monday. or they are going to start exercising next week.  Having a plan is important!  But not starting while you are exciting about something is a sure way to make it harder on yourself.  While you decide to do something you are excited about it and waiting a day or two to start wastes all of that momentum.  Also starting things on Monday has been a terrible idea for me, there is enough terribleness going on be starting the work week without piling on a diet.  If you start on Friday or Saturday you will get a few days into the habit before starting the challenge of doing it on the work week.  Just a thought, it is fun to have that weekend of bunging before getting down to serious business but it makes life much harder in my opinion.

Mom is coming down and taking me out to brunch tomorrow.  I will try to stay as good as I can 🙂


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Its a Paleo World out there

Alright so I am turning to the latest fitness fad.  I have been doing Crossfit for a while in between traveling and snow storms.  It is going quite well, I am constantly exhausted and sore, but that is to be expected.  The 6am classes are really pretty rough with the snow but we have to maintain vigilance.  That said I have completely fallen off the rails as far as controlling my consumption.  I think exercise has made me generally more hungry and I have done quite a bit of stress eating.

On 07 Mar 2015 I will be climbing up to the top of the John Hancock building which is 61 stories.  In the face of that I need to lose as much weight as possible to make that as easy as possible.  In order to do that I am going Paleo, it is the current dieting fad.  It makes some sense to me, I am basically going to focus on limiting my consumption to Eggs, Lean Meats, Vegetables, and Fruits.  So that means a few things, no diary, no sugar, no flour, no cheese.  There are a lot of people that use coconut flour and things like that, I don’t really think that coconut flour is going to be any better for you that wheat flour.  So I am going to make giant batches of spiced meat and various vegetables.  I bought a thing called a Veggetti basically it cuts zucchinis into spaghetti sized strips.  veggetti I have used it before and it works really well, one of the best things about this little gizmo is that the noodles take about 2-3 minutes to cook in a hot pan.  I like to add a little salt, pepper, garlic powder and red chili flakes.  It makes a fantastic side dish, and gives the feeling of pasta.  I mean don’t get me wrong it isn’t the same but it is something you can twirl around your fork!

In the past I had done the Atkins diet and was very successful.  I lost quite a bit of weight.  It really makes you focus on eating for fuel and not shoveling sweets into your face for pleasure.  I think that is definitely a lesson that I could stand to learn.

One of my big problems since I met my ex girlfriend forever ago, was that she introduced me to having a sweet in the evening.  I never really had much of a sweet tooth before I met her.  I have struggled with it all the same.  That is part of the reason I am doing the Paleo diet.  If I can cut down the sweets to once a week or something like that I hope that I can get that under control.  I am going to stay on this until my trip to Denver on 27 May 2015.  That is 104 days to see how much weight I can lose.  I have a three pronged approach.  One is eating Paleo, one is going Crossfit at least three days a week, the last is going to be staying as active in my personal life as possible.  Not just coming home and sitting on my butt.  Anyway I am off to the grocery store to buy my first round of food.  Wish me luck!

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Crossfit and progress update

Couple of things, I joined Crossfit.  It has been pretty funny telling people that I have joined.  A lot of people think you have to be an athlete to join, which was my main concern.  All people have to go through a Saturday class, and I went to that.  I have never been more sore in all my life, my legs basically didn’t work after the training.  I figured this was a good way to sign up so I paid the large sum of money for the initial training.  Crossfit you have to sign up for your elements class which is basically 9 intro classes to show you how to do many of the movements you will do when you join the class.  It was really great Glenn my Elements trainer was a very nice guy and was very focused on us having proper form.  These classes were at 6am and it was brutal especially after Thanksgiving when it was really cold.  The thing I love about crossfit has been the people, everyone is pretty great, it is very similar to team sports from high school.  I did the 9 classes and I have decided to keep going to the 6am classes.  It is really great feeling for the rest of the day knowing you have already checked that box.  Another cool thing is that due to the time of the classes and our time if the year, it is dark when you go into class and the sun has risen while I was sweating my butt off.

One thing I have noticed and it makes a lot of sense, I have had my appetite sky rocket.  Not that I have needed any help in the past but it has gone crazy.  With that my progress has plateaued.  I am hovering right around 305 lbs and I haven’t been able to break through the 300lb mark.  I am hoping to make it by February 1st.  Last year the day after the Super Bowl I weighed myself and it showed 350 lbs and I swore 2014 was the year that has changed.  So far we are doing good, not as well as I hoped.  I do think that breaking even over the holidays is a win.  I could have been a lot better though.  I am not hoping on the scale until the day after the Super Bowl and we can see how well we have done. Fingers crossed for a 2XX number!!!!!


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Progress Update

Lots going on in life, but I have been staying true to my diet. I have been using to keep track of my food mostly. To be honest I haven’t been doing a very good job the last few weeks, I am still losing weight but I have to be careful not to slip back into old habits.

last 90 days of weightloss

last 90 days of weight loss

I think I have done a pretty good job, in the last 90 days I am down 37 lbs.  I have mostly done this with dieting, and increasing activity.  I am still not all that great at working out but since I live in the city I have done a lot of running errands by walking to the store instead of driving a car.  If I am leaving a friends house instead of taking a cab I walk home.  I started playing tennis with a friend after work, not making major life changes but just doing some fun things that also keep you active.

The other thing that I think really helped me was I went to the doctor and he prescribed me an appetite suppressant.  I only took it for 3 months but it really helped me get over the fact that I was eating too much.  I started really focusing on eating slowly.  Savoring food, taking the time to cut it into tiny little bites on the plate before eating it.  I think that all of these are things that allowed me to lose weight.  I really tried to stick to three meals a day and no snacks.

The nutritionist wanted me to do a 2100 calorie diet which is what I programmed into the my fitness pal and set as my daily goal.  I didn’t do that great at hitting it to be honest but I was always within 100-200 calories or so.  Coming soon is going to be some recipe posts on how to make beef jerky and other taste things at home.

I have pretty much closed down the mason jar experiment for the season, now that it is getting cold up here in Somerville I really just don’t feel like eating salads.  I am making the switch to soups.  I have a great lentil soup recipe that is also vegetarian (except I use chicken stock).

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