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2014 Investment Results

2014 investment results


As you can see it was another good year, I beat the S&P500 by quite a bit, luckily the plunging in oil helped most of my stocks, I did have LNCO which severely under performed.  I think for 2015 we are going to switch that out for Kinder Morgan (ticker:KMI)

I have not yet updated my stocks for 2015, this year has been crazy.  I think it is important for people to realize that they do not have to pay fees to the finance industry, they can invest in a basket of stocks and stay quite diversified, it is better than investing in something that they do not understand.

I beg if you please understand what you are invested in so that you know what you have, too many people blindly shovel money in their 401k and have no idea what they are invested in.  Please look understand ask questions.  YOUR RETIREMENT IS DEPENDING ON IT!

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