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The goal has been set!

So the goal has been set, next August Mambo and I are hoping to hike the Long Trail. This is a trail that is the length of Vermont and is around 273 miles. We are currently in pretty poor shape but getting better everyday. I am currently 323lbs and hoping to get down to about 220 for the hike. Which means we have lots and lots of work to do.

In order to accomplish that goal we have hired a personal trainer, we see him every Monday that I am home. It has been very beneficial. He has given me 3 sets of exercises to do when I am at the hotel gyms. I have also spent a lot of time hiking and I have also spent a fair amount of time at on a recumbent bicycle. One of the other things I did for the first time last week was to hike the skyline trail at the Middlesex Fells. It is an amazing place just north of Boston very close to 93. 

I took the day off Friday and went hiking with a coworker. As you can see the red line is 93 so the park is very close to 93. The good thing about this trail is if you look at the bottom of the page it is constantly up and down. It is great exercise and good practice, I only brought my day bag because I don’t have an overnight bag. I did load it down with tons of camera equipment that I almost never use but it adds a lot of weight and I want to make sure I am hiking with a full backpack in my practice because hiking without a full bag and with a full bag are completely different things.

I have been terrible about wearing my Fitbit but I am sure this burns a massive amount of calories and the nature is just stunning. The best part about the Skyline trail is that because it goes up the steepest hills most of the people stick to other trails. You can see amazing animals if you stay quiet and go close to sunset. I saw this owl right before sunset on Tuesday. 

As for food I want to give Mambo a big shout out she is crushing it. We have turned to egg muffins with onions mushrooms and peppers and a spinach and berry smoothie for breakfast. I have an iced coffee, I am working on skipping this but coming into summer I don’t see this happening soon. Grilled chicken salad for lunch, no cheese all vegetables (except for chicken or pork tendloin) and Greek yogurt ranch dressing, then grilled lean meat a green vegetable and a sweet potato for dinner. We have a yogurt and a protein bar for snacks if dinner is running late or after dinner snack because I haven’t been able to give that up. I have joined a weight management program and they gave me appetite suppressants that have really helped. Trying to drink 5 water bottles of water a day or 100oz. This is probably been the biggest change and having Mambo on board has been fantastic. 

So we are back on the right path. Monday morning we have another weigh in. I am going to try to start posting often about our adventures in preparation. We are hoping to go on some overnight backpacking trips this summer and I will keep posting our adventures about all of the hikes around the Boston area hopefully to get others out there and moving!

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339 lbs SON OF A B*TCH

So I am at 339.0lbs I weighed myself this morning.  My all time high was 350lbs so I am not to far off of it.  I am very excited this year to have a partner to do this with.  She is really supportive and awesome and I am so excited she is part of my life.

Miss Mambo and I have a good plan going forward.  After entering the Starbucks Toffee Nut syrup was very high in sugar and with the new focus on reducing sugar hit them high, it is 5 points a pump.  I am pretty lucky in the white mocha syrup is 1 point, which doesn’t seem correct to me but it is only 25 calories a pump and I only use three pumps.  The main thing though is to make sure I eat the minimum amount of food, because I have a few really long flights coming up and I need to slim down as much as possible to make those seats as comfortable as possible.  I am going to go to the gym today at around noon.  I was going to wait until after my appointments but that isn’t a good idea.  I want to make sure I go.  I am going to get a new program a few weeks after I start, and then I am going to try to do 4 days of workouts.  Each day run through one of the programs, provided by the physical trainers.  Then I can do Monday through Thursday combine that with walking the loop near my house.

I am going to stick to the plan for food this time.  No questions, so far so good (at is 11am) I have filled out the food diary for the rest of the day and so far we have 15 spare points.  I might have a yogurt and an apple (apples are 0 points).  We now have pretty much killed all of the bad foods in the house.  I am going to get below 300lbs this year no matter what.  It is going to be a heck of a journey.





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