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The goal has been set!

So the goal has been set, next August Mambo and I are hoping to hike the Long Trail. This is a trail that is the length of Vermont and is around 273 miles. We are currently in pretty poor shape but getting better everyday. I am currently 323lbs and hoping to get down to about 220 for the hike. Which means we have lots and lots of work to do.

In order to accomplish that goal we have hired a personal trainer, we see him every Monday that I am home. It has been very beneficial. He has given me 3 sets of exercises to do when I am at the hotel gyms. I have also spent a lot of time hiking and I have also spent a fair amount of time at on a recumbent bicycle. One of the other things I did for the first time last week was to hike the skyline trail at the Middlesex Fells. It is an amazing place just north of Boston very close to 93. 

I took the day off Friday and went hiking with a coworker. As you can see the red line is 93 so the park is very close to 93. The good thing about this trail is if you look at the bottom of the page it is constantly up and down. It is great exercise and good practice, I only brought my day bag because I don’t have an overnight bag. I did load it down with tons of camera equipment that I almost never use but it adds a lot of weight and I want to make sure I am hiking with a full backpack in my practice because hiking without a full bag and with a full bag are completely different things.

I have been terrible about wearing my Fitbit but I am sure this burns a massive amount of calories and the nature is just stunning. The best part about the Skyline trail is that because it goes up the steepest hills most of the people stick to other trails. You can see amazing animals if you stay quiet and go close to sunset. I saw this owl right before sunset on Tuesday. 

As for food I want to give Mambo a big shout out she is crushing it. We have turned to egg muffins with onions mushrooms and peppers and a spinach and berry smoothie for breakfast. I have an iced coffee, I am working on skipping this but coming into summer I don’t see this happening soon. Grilled chicken salad for lunch, no cheese all vegetables (except for chicken or pork tendloin) and Greek yogurt ranch dressing, then grilled lean meat a green vegetable and a sweet potato for dinner. We have a yogurt and a protein bar for snacks if dinner is running late or after dinner snack because I haven’t been able to give that up. I have joined a weight management program and they gave me appetite suppressants that have really helped. Trying to drink 5 water bottles of water a day or 100oz. This is probably been the biggest change and having Mambo on board has been fantastic. 

So we are back on the right path. Monday morning we have another weigh in. I am going to try to start posting often about our adventures in preparation. We are hoping to go on some overnight backpacking trips this summer and I will keep posting our adventures about all of the hikes around the Boston area hopefully to get others out there and moving!

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339 lbs SON OF A B*TCH

So I am at 339.0lbs I weighed myself this morning.  My all time high was 350lbs so I am not to far off of it.  I am very excited this year to have a partner to do this with.  She is really supportive and awesome and I am so excited she is part of my life.

Miss Mambo and I have a good plan going forward.  After entering the Starbucks Toffee Nut syrup was very high in sugar and with the new focus on reducing sugar hit them high, it is 5 points a pump.  I am pretty lucky in the white mocha syrup is 1 point, which doesn’t seem correct to me but it is only 25 calories a pump and I only use three pumps.  The main thing though is to make sure I eat the minimum amount of food, because I have a few really long flights coming up and I need to slim down as much as possible to make those seats as comfortable as possible.  I am going to go to the gym today at around noon.  I was going to wait until after my appointments but that isn’t a good idea.  I want to make sure I go.  I am going to get a new program a few weeks after I start, and then I am going to try to do 4 days of workouts.  Each day run through one of the programs, provided by the physical trainers.  Then I can do Monday through Thursday combine that with walking the loop near my house.

I am going to stick to the plan for food this time.  No questions, so far so good (at is 11am) I have filled out the food diary for the rest of the day and so far we have 15 spare points.  I might have a yogurt and an apple (apples are 0 points).  We now have pretty much killed all of the bad foods in the house.  I am going to get below 300lbs this year no matter what.  It is going to be a heck of a journey.





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Day 6: Almost break even but slightly better

310.8 which is exactly break even from the previous day.  So you might say “Hey dummy that is the same as you weighed yesterday.” and you would be correct that is the same amount that I weighed yesterday, but yesterday I also went to CrossFit!

This was the first time that I did a pick up as heavy a weight as you can thing.  So the exercise was back squats and please see below for the picture of what that is.

back squat


We had 30 minutes to slowly scale up and so the maximum amount of weight we could back squat in 30 minutes, I worked with a partner.  I started out very light and then every 5 reps I added between 10 and 20 lbs.  My final weight was 165lbs which I was pretty proud of for a first time.  I pretty much felt that was the most I can do, I can’t wait in about 6 weeks we are going to do these exercises again and see how far we have progressed.

I also ate some sausage cacciatore with zucchini noodles and it was really really good.   I have a Peapod order coming I have finally moved through all of the food that I had prepackaged from a week ago.  Going to try to go to Cross Fit tomorrow morning at 6am, but it is suppose to be below zero so we shall see.

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Day3B: Post CrossFit

Holy crap lots of people showed up for Cross Fit today.  We have had almost a record amount of snow fall in Boston and this is the first Saturday that has been nice in like 3 weeks.  Today’s exercise was called the Strict Cindy which is a group of exercises that anyone will be able to do at home.  Basically it is:

5 Pull Ups

10 Pushups

15 Squats

I can’t do pull ups but what I did do was ring rows, look at the picture below


I also did box push ups which look like the below:


And then squats I am pretty sure everyone knows how to do those.  But you do as many of rounds of these as possible in 20 minutes.  I was able to get through 7 and 2/3rds I didn’t have any more squats in me.  I almost collapsed after I finished.  So today a bunch of people showed up our gym only has one time on Saturday so everyone showed up then.  Basically what we did was we warmed up by running in a circle around the gym and then counted reps and coached with a partner, then we switched.  I went second I think allowed me to get the maximum amount completed because I was wiped out from the warm-up.  I definitely pushed myself further with someone else counting the reps.   The reason I posted this is that there is no reason not to work out.  Even doing push ups and squats you will feel the burn quite quickly!

Now it is time to go help the roomie move a mattress into the house.  I really hope my legs hold out!


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Its a Paleo World out there

Alright so I am turning to the latest fitness fad.  I have been doing Crossfit for a while in between traveling and snow storms.  It is going quite well, I am constantly exhausted and sore, but that is to be expected.  The 6am classes are really pretty rough with the snow but we have to maintain vigilance.  That said I have completely fallen off the rails as far as controlling my consumption.  I think exercise has made me generally more hungry and I have done quite a bit of stress eating.

On 07 Mar 2015 I will be climbing up to the top of the John Hancock building which is 61 stories.  In the face of that I need to lose as much weight as possible to make that as easy as possible.  In order to do that I am going Paleo, it is the current dieting fad.  It makes some sense to me, I am basically going to focus on limiting my consumption to Eggs, Lean Meats, Vegetables, and Fruits.  So that means a few things, no diary, no sugar, no flour, no cheese.  There are a lot of people that use coconut flour and things like that, I don’t really think that coconut flour is going to be any better for you that wheat flour.  So I am going to make giant batches of spiced meat and various vegetables.  I bought a thing called a Veggetti basically it cuts zucchinis into spaghetti sized strips.  veggetti I have used it before and it works really well, one of the best things about this little gizmo is that the noodles take about 2-3 minutes to cook in a hot pan.  I like to add a little salt, pepper, garlic powder and red chili flakes.  It makes a fantastic side dish, and gives the feeling of pasta.  I mean don’t get me wrong it isn’t the same but it is something you can twirl around your fork!

In the past I had done the Atkins diet and was very successful.  I lost quite a bit of weight.  It really makes you focus on eating for fuel and not shoveling sweets into your face for pleasure.  I think that is definitely a lesson that I could stand to learn.

One of my big problems since I met my ex girlfriend forever ago, was that she introduced me to having a sweet in the evening.  I never really had much of a sweet tooth before I met her.  I have struggled with it all the same.  That is part of the reason I am doing the Paleo diet.  If I can cut down the sweets to once a week or something like that I hope that I can get that under control.  I am going to stay on this until my trip to Denver on 27 May 2015.  That is 104 days to see how much weight I can lose.  I have a three pronged approach.  One is eating Paleo, one is going Crossfit at least three days a week, the last is going to be staying as active in my personal life as possible.  Not just coming home and sitting on my butt.  Anyway I am off to the grocery store to buy my first round of food.  Wish me luck!

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Crossfit and progress update

Couple of things, I joined Crossfit.  It has been pretty funny telling people that I have joined.  A lot of people think you have to be an athlete to join, which was my main concern.  All people have to go through a Saturday class, and I went to that.  I have never been more sore in all my life, my legs basically didn’t work after the training.  I figured this was a good way to sign up so I paid the large sum of money for the initial training.  Crossfit you have to sign up for your elements class which is basically 9 intro classes to show you how to do many of the movements you will do when you join the class.  It was really great Glenn my Elements trainer was a very nice guy and was very focused on us having proper form.  These classes were at 6am and it was brutal especially after Thanksgiving when it was really cold.  The thing I love about crossfit has been the people, everyone is pretty great, it is very similar to team sports from high school.  I did the 9 classes and I have decided to keep going to the 6am classes.  It is really great feeling for the rest of the day knowing you have already checked that box.  Another cool thing is that due to the time of the classes and our time if the year, it is dark when you go into class and the sun has risen while I was sweating my butt off.

One thing I have noticed and it makes a lot of sense, I have had my appetite sky rocket.  Not that I have needed any help in the past but it has gone crazy.  With that my progress has plateaued.  I am hovering right around 305 lbs and I haven’t been able to break through the 300lb mark.  I am hoping to make it by February 1st.  Last year the day after the Super Bowl I weighed myself and it showed 350 lbs and I swore 2014 was the year that has changed.  So far we are doing good, not as well as I hoped.  I do think that breaking even over the holidays is a win.  I could have been a lot better though.  I am not hoping on the scale until the day after the Super Bowl and we can see how well we have done. Fingers crossed for a 2XX number!!!!!


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