Week is done!

Way under my calorie goal

Also this is net exercise so I actually ate way more calories than what is shown. Couple days I ate 1900 calories but burned 750-800ish on kickboxing. So it is a net of 1000-1200 calories, and I burn around 2600 allegedly. The scale has pretty much shown this has been about accurate, losing about 1/2 an pound a day. Going to go hiking tomorrow and to kickboxing and then hanging out with my mom on Sunday.


Step 1 done

Went out for drinks and then ordered Chinese food last night so it wasn’t great! But I lost enough to get below 260 for the first time since I hiked the long trail!!!

Now I need to keep it up! It is great to see the results are coming.

So so effort

I think the effort at the gym was a reflection of my poor choices the night before. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


I was good last night although Friday I took the day off. No kickboxing no anything! It felt good, I think I could use it my shoulders were feeling a little stiff. I did 3 days of kickboxing and one day with Chris this week. Went on a 8.28 mile hike, burned 1789 calories!

Nice burn! Not too hard but steady
Not the classic route but we got lost

I really didn’t want to risk walking a lot more just to make sure we finish the skyline, so we just took the same track back, not sure what happened for the last section there, it recorded the heart rate.

Liz and I went out for ramen last night, it was delicious! I went with the plain ramen with chicken broth. No fried chicken no appetizer, so as good as we could be.

I weighted in after the hike and the scale said 260.6 so not too much to go! Well I suppose there is that other 60lbs. Going to a party tonight, there is going to be a bunch of food, but I am not going to drink. I don’t think we will be there for a long time.

I think I am going to not eat dinner and have a protein shake before leaving. Burning so many calories today I do have a little cushion but I want to get below 260 as soon as possible.

Tomorrow for football I am going to make Korean fried tofu balls, but they are going to be baked. Have that with some brown rice. 🤞It will be good, John left a bunch of Korean ingredients so I have to use them up!

Saw this on Instagram and it looked so good figured why not, kind of like chicken wings but without so many calories.


So after the crazy weekend I lost .2 lbs, what are you going to do? Going to keep grinding, today is personal training with Chris it would have been nice to show him I made it through this wall that has been haunting me for a while. I had the same thing with 300lbs, I hope I don’t have to go through this every 50lbs.

My weight over the last year

Going to need to do a lot better this year! I think I am up for the challenge, I am starting to grasp how much harder it is going to be to lose the last 62.4 lbs than the previous 62.4 lbs. Going to have to plug up these diet splurges and then I think the weight loss will really pick up!

Weigh in tomorrow!!

Went to kickboxing and I was very good with food today! I am starting to see the results, not on the scale but it is so much easier to do push-ups and sit-ups. I will say I was more hungry today than I have been in the past, I think it was just from the weekend of stuffing myself.

Tomorrow is weigh in Wednesday, I am hoping I will be under 260, I fear my crazy weekend might push it out of reach but I know I have done a lot of work. If I don’t make it will be ok because I know the following week I will hit it.

Going to another party on Saturday night and I am going to really try to keep it under control. I also decided I am not going to drink until after the spartan race with Jess.

Net calories for today is 726. Might have a protein shake which is 160 calories. Fingers crossed I post tomorrow morning a number that says 250 something… 🤞going to work with Chris tomorrow!

Long weekend back up in VT

I didn’t do great, I got some prime rib and a chicken fried steak, then I came home and ordered Indian food for some reason. Soooo kind fell off the wagon, oh yeah and I ate sonic breakfast this morning because I was running late this morning. I slept like crap! Good news is I made it back to kickboxing, and since breakfast I righted the ship with Lunch. Going to be good for dinner.

800 calories is the goal!

Going to wait until weigh in Wednesday to hop on the scale again. I am hoping to be at 263 or so. Going to go to kickboxing tomorrow and then personal training on Friday.

Liz is pedaling the bike as we speak, I am very proud of her for getting the ball rolling.

First week really in the books!

Pretty excited I went to work a few days this weekend was able to keep up with everything. I hurt my knee, had a bit of a tumble at kickboxing.

Bagelsaurus the best bagel

I went to get blood drawn and after we were next to the place that makes the best breakfast sandwich on the planet so I had to stop in. I use to get two bagels, a breakfast sandwich and another bagel with cream cheese. Cut that out and had a black coffee, I didn’t know if I could have the coffee before the blood test.

Went to kickboxing and did a decent job burning 750ish calories. Net calories for today were at 1085. Also did a weigh in after kickboxing and I weight 262.6 so we are down I think 3lbs for the week with New Years in the middle! Can’t complain about that and not even hiking season!

Need to up intensity

Going up to Vermont for the weekend to see Grandma Sobus so I will not be exercising much. I might go for a jog on Saturday if I have enough time. I am hoping a little rest will let me up my intensity when I get back.

Happy New Years

So I did good not eating a ton of food at New Years but I failed to realize that would make me get drunk a lot quicker. So I ended up passed out pretty early. Liz took good care of me but I had a wicked hangover. Chris had a workout where I did 10-12 10 second uphill sprints and it was brutal! All of this with the worst hangover I had in years, but the GPS is kind of funny!

I just would walk down the hill and then sprint up the hill. People must have thought I was nuts. I went from a tree and it just happened that after 10 seconds I was two sidewalk squares from the road so I kept trying to get to the road before time ran out.

I am going to email Chris and ask him if that is where my heart rate should be. I have a feeling it should be a tick higher and ideally touch the red after each sprint.

I was very good today, oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwich on a bagel with all the veggies and spicy mustard mmmm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Dinner was a low carb wrap half an avocado with some chicken and the black bean salad. I am fasting for a blood test tomorrow so I did have seconds. Another half an avocado, chicken and more black bean salad. Even with the seconds my net calories (eaten – exercise) is 1000! I only ate 1700 calories!!!!

Kickboxing was good I need to get my heart rate further up at this though. I also fell when running around the gym to warm up, my good knee took a lump. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow, going to the 5:30 class tomorrow. So far so good! Happy New Years!!!!

Kickboxing and new workout coming

Class was packed! Shared a bag but still got a lot of work done! Had oatmeal for breakfast, it was good. Cooking the apples one bowl as a time makes a difference. Little tweaks here and there.

Had 6 ounces of chicken for lunch, and some quinoa salad and some feta cheese on top. It was delicious, and tonight we are going to a New Year’s Eve party. I am hoping to be good but only going to be able to be so good.

My oatmeal while I was cozy on the couch this morning

Weighed myself this morning because I didn’t want to do it after NYE celebrations. I am going to try to take it easy, personal trainer has a new workout routine that he developed for me to get set for the spartan races this year. Debating on trying to do a trifecta which is three spartan races and at least one at 5k one at 10k and a half marathon. That is with various obstacles

Falling off taking pictures

Liz is working late so I ate without her, cauliflower rice, half an avocado some salsa from the back of the fridge and in some burrito wraps that I posted a picture of previously. Calories came in a little high at 695 calories, total is 1877 for the day but with exercise was a net of 1110. I really want to keep the net under 1600 every day which should have me burning around 1/3rd of a pound a day!

I got some new vegan protein powder from amazon, it was on sale for $15 for 20 servings, figured why not. Might try it tonight, but after posting a 700 calorie dinner I think I will hold off. I got the magic bullet out. Might mix in a banana for an after workout drink.

Going to 9am kickboxing tomorrow and then going to the grocery store to buy stuff to make the black bean salad tomato avocado salad. I want to make sure we are setup for success in the new year. Speaking of that Liz and I are moving the stationary bike into the entry way where the Christmas tree is currently. She wants to move it where there is light and it is warm, where it is currently isn’t heated and in the cold it can be rough to workout out there. We should be all set for the new year!