The goal has been set!

So the goal has been set, next August Mambo and I are hoping to hike the Long Trail. This is a trail that is the length of Vermont and is around 273 miles. We are currently in pretty poor shape but getting better everyday. I am currently 323lbs and hoping to get down to about 220 for the hike. Which means we have lots and lots of work to do.

In order to accomplish that goal we have hired a personal trainer, we see him every Monday that I am home. It has been very beneficial. He has given me 3 sets of exercises to do when I am at the hotel gyms. I have also spent a lot of time hiking and I have also spent a fair amount of time at on a recumbent bicycle. One of the other things I did for the first time last week was to hike the skyline trail at the Middlesex Fells. It is an amazing place just north of Boston very close to 93. 

I took the day off Friday and went hiking with a coworker. As you can see the red line is 93 so the park is very close to 93. The good thing about this trail is if you look at the bottom of the page it is constantly up and down. It is great exercise and good practice, I only brought my day bag because I don’t have an overnight bag. I did load it down with tons of camera equipment that I almost never use but it adds a lot of weight and I want to make sure I am hiking with a full backpack in my practice because hiking without a full bag and with a full bag are completely different things.

I have been terrible about wearing my Fitbit but I am sure this burns a massive amount of calories and the nature is just stunning. The best part about the Skyline trail is that because it goes up the steepest hills most of the people stick to other trails. You can see amazing animals if you stay quiet and go close to sunset. I saw this owl right before sunset on Tuesday. 

As for food I want to give Mambo a big shout out she is crushing it. We have turned to egg muffins with onions mushrooms and peppers and a spinach and berry smoothie for breakfast. I have an iced coffee, I am working on skipping this but coming into summer I don’t see this happening soon. Grilled chicken salad for lunch, no cheese all vegetables (except for chicken or pork tendloin) and Greek yogurt ranch dressing, then grilled lean meat a green vegetable and a sweet potato for dinner. We have a yogurt and a protein bar for snacks if dinner is running late or after dinner snack because I haven’t been able to give that up. I have joined a weight management program and they gave me appetite suppressants that have really helped. Trying to drink 5 water bottles of water a day or 100oz. This is probably been the biggest change and having Mambo on board has been fantastic. 

So we are back on the right path. Monday morning we have another weigh in. I am going to try to start posting often about our adventures in preparation. We are hoping to go on some overnight backpacking trips this summer and I will keep posting our adventures about all of the hikes around the Boston area hopefully to get others out there and moving!

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Mount Major Trail

Mount Major is a fantastic hike! Their are two options there is a steeper option that I would recommend only if you are comfortable climbing up bald rock that is often found all over New England. The blue trail is much steeper but this is the path that we took to the top. It was a steep climb but not too bad. Make sure as you are climbing to look behind you and see the amazing view of Lake Winipesakee. The hike took us about 2.5 hours and it is about 1.5 miles. The climb down was about 2.5 miles and took 2 hours. The climb down on the yellow trail was amazing a nice gentle slope most of the way down. 

If you are just starting out hiking please do not go down the blue trail it will be challenging. As you can see above it was almost twice as long and took us less time. 

The trip is about 2 hours north of Boston, I use the AllTrails app to navigate to the trail head. The trip did take most of the day after stopping for a post hike burger and a beer. Total hike took us 4.5 hours, we brought a salad for lunch and ate it at the summit. This is the first time we brought a full meal with us and I think it was a great success. It allowed us to spend more time at the summit, usually if I cram a few cliff bars in my stomach it gives me indigestion on the hike down the mountain. That didn’t happen after eating the grilled chicken salad.

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Slowly getting more organized

Slowly getting more organized, I have started using myfitnesspal again and have my mint account setup, slowly working on getting spending under control. One if the things that I am going to start doing is checking in more often, the day after tomorrow is weigh in day. I am feeling like I have done pretty good the last few days. Sunday I had a Sundae for the season finale of Game of Thrones. 

I am doing good at being ok early in the week because Thursday night Marley and I are going to Mistral!!! She is taking me, and then Friday night we are going out for Marley’s mom’s birthday.
I am not sure if I mentioned this in my last post but I signed up for a website that is called Nerd Fitness and it is a $100 lifetime sign up fee, basically what they have done is come up with workout routine 1A and 1B after you do that for a while and are feeling confident in the movements you move on to the boss battles where you complete as many as you can in a certain amount of time. When you enter those numbers the website lets you know if you have defeated the boss and leveled up. They have two paths one for people with a gym membership and one that is based on body weight exercises with minimal equipment. Because of my travel schedule I went with the body weight path.

One of the other interesting things about Nerd fitness is they have three sections; nutrition, exercise and mindset. I think the third one is very important and often overlooked. This section also has a path system where you complete one task before leveling up and moving to the next task. The website does a good job of breaking the steps to a healthy lifestyle down into actionable chunks that over a long period will make an incredible difference in losing weight.

One of the tasks is called The Big Why and it wants you to write down why you want to lose weight. I wrote the following: 

I want to be able to fit into concert seats / airplane seats / booths at restaurants

I don’t want to be a sweaty mess at parties/ meetings or anywhere but the gym and the bedroom
I don’t want to have to think about weight limits when looking at doing things
 I have had to turn down horseback riding/ riding a zipline/ amusement park rides because I am too fat

I want to hike the long trail/ the length of Vermont (272 miles)
I want to be able to move when I get older, I want to be able to do things when I get older
I want to be able to have sex with my girlfriend and love her like she deserves
In addition to that they also said you should take 4 pictures of your before. All 4 sides, and measure 7 points around your body. They also suggest waiting a month before doing it again. I am going to stick with this for a while, it seems like something that could work for me. Gotta keep trying, never going to stop doing that.

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Organization will set you free

I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping my life organized. I really don’t prioritize very well, I procrastinate a lot. I have a lot of things going on in my life, work, school, losing weight and saving more money. All of this while keeping my girlfriend happy and traveling around the world delivering presentations to doctors and nurses. I have tried and failed a few times in the past to get my life in order. With the advent of the smart phone I feel like I really have a shot. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and one of the themes seem to be before trying to make a big change in your life is to put it on paper so you can later refer back to it when motivation lags.

Well we are in the 21st century to I am posting this on an anonymous website.

I will do the following things

Keep an accurate to do list in order of priority to get things done, one for work, one for personal things.

Utilize the power of the app ( I know that sounds really corny) I am using mint to track finances, myfitnesspal to track food intake, and Apple notes to track to do list.

Take part in fitness challenges with people,

My friend wants to reclimb mount Eisenhower after letting himself go during a rough personnel stretch. I am also taking part in a walking challenge at work. Most steps win and I love to walk

Debating not in signing up for a website called Nerd Fitness that had a one time sign up fee of $100 but is a community of people that are losing weight by eating reasonably and doing body weight exercises.

I am trying to work on these while school is out ( I take classes online) so that when classes start in the fall I will be able to be better prepared for the upcoming storm of work and school in the fall.

Just wanted to get that out there before this trip.

I also am going to learn how to use google office better so that I can take care of emails more easily.

Next stop Seoul!

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Can’t stop Won’t stop

Didn’t stop for snacks on the way home.

Really wanted to.

Didn’t stop for snacks on the way home twice.

Really wanted to



Saved calories.

Saved money.

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Biggest ever…

So….yup… biggest ever!

343. Wtf?!?!?

I have made the decision that this will not stand.

We have planned good meals.

I have charged my fitbit.

I am taking charge.

I have let comfort, stress, exhaustion have its way.

I have ignored and denied it.

Now my knees and feet won’t let me.

In the last 4 years I have gained 118 pounds.

I’m disappointed.

I binge.

I get bored and binge.

I feel happy and binge.

I feel stressed and binge.

I used to fill it with dance which isn’t feasible now.

I used to fill it with friends which isn’t as feasible now but will be soon…. summer.

I will fill it with nature: mountains, woodpeckers, hawks and toads.

I will fill it with love of self.

I will fill it with miles of trails.

I will fill it with games.

I will fill it with beep.

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336.2 and an epic fail

So I did manage to lose weight while I was in Tokyo!  I ate a plate of the finest tuna ever it was grand.

I did it mostly by doing some tips I have read online. I used a small plate at the buffet and just ate one plate. I limited myself to one glass of wine at dinner and didn’t eat dessert. I did a fair amount of walking. The number one tip I will give to anyone going to Tokyo is get a daily subway pass and access to the free wifi network. Both of these things are only available at the airport. The subway system is many different private companies and if you don’t buy a pass at the airport you have to buy a pass at each stop, and each fate depends on how far you are going so it can be quite confusing. So just get a pass at the airport!!!!

They also offer access to free wifi thought the city free for two weeks! Get it!

So I got home and things were going well didn’t eat too much, and Monday Miss Mambo and I went out, this was not part of the fail. We had an amazing day and we went out for Korean food and ramen for lunch it was a tough day weight loss wise but we had a lot of fun and had a little adventure here in the city. 

Last night however I went to cook the buffalo chicken that I had purchased, I was going to be good and make grilled buffalo chicken on a wheat roll with lettuce tomato celery and a little blue cheese. Well it was Chinese pork that was labeled differently on the label than the store label with the price. So that plan was out the window and I didn’t think the pork would be good in a sandwich and I really wanted buffalo. So we ordered online and it was great. Then I made three ingredient cookies (overripe banana, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies) I also added walnuts and they are really pretty good. I only ate a few of those. 

I am going to get back on track tomorrow, I have to fly to Orlando and then I am going. To go to the hotel gym. 

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Never fear Mambo is here!

323 and not happy about it.

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337.6 off to Tokyo

Lost a little bit of weight and have been going to the gym twice last week and once this week. I am going to do the workout from the hotel. I am also going to start going for more walks just to get up and move around more. 

I went to put on my suits and only one of them fit. It was really a bummer and now I am pretty  nervous about spending 32 hours in a coach airplane seat over the next 5 days. Luckily I should be able to eat well, Japan is easier than most places to eat well. I am going to lose weight while on this trip. I am going to go out with Miss Mambo on Monday after a massage. 

I have been cheating a little bit we had Chinese food last night, I was going to make sloppy joes but I was stressing out about the flight and just relinquished. I should have held out, especially since later I went on to try three suits and have them not even close to fitting. I think writing about my experiences has really helped me stay focused and I am very excited to announce Miss Mambo is going to join the blog which I am pretty excited about. 

Any in about 10 minutes we are going to start boarding. Wish me luck on my flight.

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338.2 Went to the gym

Went to the gym yesterday morning which was a good first step. It took me forever to get through the B side of the gym. I need to practice it some more. Little disappointed in the scale but I am

I am slowly changing my habits though. Ms. Mambo and I have been doing a good job not ordering out and eating healthier meals. We have had shrimp scampi zoodles, chicken lettuce cups.

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